The Miller

Built in 1849, Bear’s Mill is one of the few remaining water-powered mills still in operation in the state of Ohio. Terry Clark grinds the spelt used in Farmer, Miller Baker products into flour on French Buhr millstones that are over 100 years old, using only water power from the millrace below.

This old-world milling technique uses a slow, cool grinding process which retains the inherent nutrients of the grain. The spelt flour is rich in protein, vitamin B2, manganese, niacin, thiamin and copper and is more easily digested by those with wheat allergies. Retaining the health benefits of this grain is crucial to the development of a wholesome product.

Bear’s Mill is supported and maintained by the Friends of Bear’s Mill — a non-profit organization in Greenville Ohio that is dedicated to keeping the story of old world milling alive. Purchases in the Mill Store and funds raised through events at the Mill help support its continued operation. Join the Friends of Bear’s Mill and help keep a historic landmark, and stone grinding alive for generations to come.

Bear’s Mill
6450 Arcanum-Bear’s Mill Road
Greenville, Ohio 45331
Phone: (937) 548-5112


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