The Baker

Bakehouse Bread & Cookie Company is a small, privately owned bakery in Troy, Ohio. Margaret Begg is dedicated to baking bread the way bakers did when baking was a calling and bread making was an art.

Margaret uses the nutrient-rich spelt flour grown by Dan Kremer and milled by Terry Clark just 30 miles away to create hand-formed loaves of spelt bread for local customers to enjoy. Bakehouse uses artisan techniques, all natural ingredients and no additives or preservatives in the baking process, resulting in one of the most delicious and healthiest bread products you can find in this area.

Farmer, Miller, Baker Spelt Bread will soon be available for purchase at E.A.T. Food For Life Farm, Bear’s Mill and Bakehouse Bread & Cookie Company as well as other local retailers.

Bakehouse Bread & Cookie Company

317 Public Square SW
Troy, OH, 45373

(937) 339-8880


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