The Farmer, The Miller and The Baker Featured in Edible Columbus Spring Edition

The Farmer, The Miller and The Baker are getting a little press! We’re proud to be featured in the Spring Edition of Edible Columbus, our closest division of Edible Communities Publications.

Take heed foodies and families: If you’re still unfamiliar with Edible Publications, you should find a way to pick up the spring issue today in your area. Edible Publications spread the good word about the importance of local food not only in our fertile Ohio Valley, but throughout this great food nation of ours and beyond. From Brooklyn to Chicago to the San Francisco shore, Edible Communities publications share stories with the mission of transforming the way consumers shop for, cook, eat and relate to local food. Through its printed publications, websites and events, ECI strives to connect consumers with local growers, retailers, chefs and food artisans, enabling those relationships to grow and thrive in a mutually beneficial, healthful and economically viable way.

Inside, you’ll not only find great local stories like ours, but also real face-to-face coverage of local chefs, growers, recipes, resources, how-to’s, farmer’s markets and a wealth of vendors who genuinely care about food-related issues. The Farmer, The Miller and The Baker are proud to be aligned with the values of the Edible network. Pick up your free copy of the Edible Columbus Spring Edition at any advertiser location, or subscribe to the quarterly publication and have great local food news delivered directly to your door.

Thanks Edible Columbus!


2 responses

  1. Kit

    Thanks for posting this — what you are doing is very admirable, and it was a pleasure for me to have met each and everyone of you!

    March 8, 2011 at 5:07 pm

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